General Info
A race of humanoids, elegant in appearance with pale skin and sylvan features that secretly require blood as their source of nutrition. As their hunger increases, their eyes become darkened and their eye sockets become discoloured. As such, most Vaedra will often wear visors that cover the top half of their face to hide this from other races.

Vaedra society is secretive and strict, built on a three-level caste system that places importance on intelligence. Many Vaedra aspire to prove their worth to society or push their own personal goals through the channels of bioresearch, technology or politics.

Racial Modifiers

  • If you choose Vaedra as your character race, apply the following changes to the basic character abilities and focuses:
  • Add 1 to your character’s Dexterity ability
  • Pick one one of these focuses and add them to your list:
    - Intelligence (Technology)
    - Perception (Seeing)
  • Your character’s speed is equal to 10 + dexterity modifier (minus armor penalty, if applicable).
  • Your character can speak and read Universal Basic. If you chose the Outsider – Tribal background, you character also knows Vaedric from their origin outside of normal Elder Vaedric society. If your choose any other background, your character can speak Vae-tongue.
  • Your character has low-light vision and can see 20 feet away in low-light conditions.

Roll twice on the Racial Bonus table for two additional bonus traits. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you receive a different result. If you prefer, you may instead choose to manually select two bonuses if your GM allows it.

Racial Bonuses
Each of the following is assigned to each possible result on a 6-sided die.

  1. +1 Intelligence
  2. Focus: Lore (Politics)
  3. +1 Accuracy
  4. Weapon: Staves
  5. +1 Willpower
  6. Focus: Persuasion


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